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  1. Could anyone else let me know who is DIY'ing, there is something special being shown (and launched exclusively) at the show that targets the DIY market and I want to know if we can get a solid group of DIY enthusiasts there
  2. I would like to promote DIY at Scalford, is anyone interested in coming/showing/talking?
  3. Apologies I have not explained this properly, It was a last minute addition and I think it will be very popular. So, anyone can bring ANYTHING and sell it for free, we will have long tables of equipment etc to buy, sell or swap, a real audio jumble. It will be manned by us, but in order for it to work there are a few things that must be done. 1. All bring & buy products must be brought by car between 8.30 and 9.30am OR as early as possible. Show opens at 10am. 2. You can bring your equipment by car and unload it at the Pavilion BUT you must then drive to the Park&Ride. The same will apply in the evening to collect if you have not sold it. So a DROP OFF - PICK UP system will be used. Signs for the AUDIO JUMBLE will be clearly marked as it is around the back of the hotel. 3. Each piece of equipment MUST BE CLEARLY MARKED with PRICE, NAME, MOBILE NUMBER and either SELL/SWAP or both. The person manning the area will call you if someone is interested and you must come directly to the area to discuss. 4. If what you have brought is NOT sold then you can collect it OR donate it to the MASSIVE CHARITY RAFFLE (probably 3-4pm) Hope this all makes perfect sense. Any questions just shout. Thank you. IF ANYONE WANTS TO COME AND STAY OVER ON THE SATURDAY NIGHT FOR THE WIGWAM PARTY THEN PLEASE CONTACT DANNY (DUVET) IMMEDIATELY AS I BELIEVE WE ONLY HAVE A FEW SLEEPING ROOMS LEFT NOW.
  4. Here you are Serge, something from the archives. A list of bands and the musicians, 'Bill Sowerby' (dad) is in the trumpet section, Ken MacKintosh band. The first is to the list of band members. http://jazzpro.nationaljazzarchive.org.uk/Main/BandLists.htm The second is to the track The Creep 1953/54 (Dad on the middle solo) Hope you enjoy! Peter Just as another little thought, and I'm happy the way dad passed away because I found him on Sunday morning in his favourite chair (just as though he was asleep). The night before at 87, still playing 3 nights a week in local big bands. However for weeks before he was listening to Diana Krall.......from one generation to another he thought she had one of the best jazz interpretations he had ever heard. Oscar Peterson trio was also one of his favourites.
  5. Yep, there is the annual Raffle too, so much being done for charity, donations all over the place
  6. SALE

    Don't forget that this year at Scalford you can bring your gear and sell it - drop off and pick up at the Pavilion.
  7. Agreed. I will get some more info up tomorrow. Buses start from 9.45am
  8. Forum open to post topics now so please get started. Let's have the best jazz forum on the net. Thank you Can you fill the thread with the links please Geoff. Thanks
  9. I forgot about this thanks for the reminder Geoff
  10. Let There Be Jazz has just been formed in the MUSIC section. My Mum was a professional Saddlers Wells Opera singer too and her father played cello for King George V - I guess that kind of forum would be less popular. It's interesting though
  11. Then we should let the shackles off and I'm proud of what dad di as a musician, I'm going to start up a Jazz forum.
  12. There's always one!!! It was a map I used from last year actually. Did you take the piss then too Colin? Park & Ride is £5 return pay when you get on. If you pay online you can save £3 (£12) if you pay on door its £15 If god forbid you decided you wanted to actually contribute and become a SWP then its £10 a ticket (cheapest ever price)
  13. I'm trying to re route the drop off of kit for this to the Pavilion as there is a big interest. People must use the park and ride but if people get there at 9 ish there should'nt be an issue. I will need people to let me know though if they are bringing stuff before hand. Hope that's okay for everyone, I'm having the final meeting at Scalford this week. So to answer, yes pick up and drop off is possible.
  14. My dad was quite a famous jazz trumpet player and I wondered if there was interest in Jazz on the forum. He was a big band leader, played with Ted Heath, Joe Loss and Humphry Littleton and I have all his boxes of music that he wrote and also have 22 music stands I built for him. Sadly he passed away 5 years ago but we just uncovered some treasures of his music recorded in 1963.
  15. Just like to remind everyone that this year at Scalford, anyone can bring anything at all to buy, sell or swap at no extra charge other than an entrance ticket. You can bring as much as you like to sell, so all that stuff everyone wants to clear out The main Pavilion and entrance will have a massive space for browsing.