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'Quite simply the best show we have ever had the pleasure to exhibit! Huge amounts of enthusiasm from so many Wammers who clearly share our passion for music. Can't wait for next year..........'

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  1. I've seen one small clip so far and by the end of next week we should have them edited. One of the guys is away abroad on a shoot this week and the other back to back jobs, there was quite a bit of footage so I'm as eager as everyone to see it. Apologies for the delay.
  2. Surely another suggestion would be ......Scalford - 10 Years And Still Sound
  3. Happy to put that in for a junior section to generate a younger HiFi audience.
  4. I'd like to explain why I have started this topic exclusively. It is not because it is more important than other topics in the realms of DIY, it is simply because having Linn at the show was a test for us and them. We can ask many manufacturers to come and give us insight, learnings and education about new systems and products but unless we measure the response and interest then we cannot invite others to do the same which is why I have asked you to concentrate all comments regarding crossover design here. Thanks
  5. OK, I've just been finalising the money we raised for Cancer Research UK and then this thread started. I chose Cancer Research Uk this year because my Mum passed away with lung cancer some years ago. However, I too don't like the fact right or wrong that there is a perception (choosing my words carefully) that the big charities do not give the total amounts and many efforts seem to just get swallowed up.....this year for example I asked for someone to come and accept it.....we were too small for them to bother. So, I would like to find a 'worthy cause' that we could raise money for, maybe have built or can really make a personal difference to a living life. It can be a one off charity, it can be animals, it can be medical, it can be a group or it can provide a one off operation for someone. Let's get some really interesting ones and we will create a small panel of members to choose it.
  6. You are added Simon, follow the link above
  7. Thank goodness and bloody well said!! Permission granted......let me know what you need.
  8. There is hint in there that at some point I ever said that I wish to do things underhand, do people out of their rights.....or anything else for that matter. It's a great idea and make it happen how ever you want to that suites everyone. can we leave it at that now please. I have Stuart's (Cambs12) camper van to pimp up and get on the road for our roadshows. Let me know if I can help (any other way).
  9. Blimey - another great idea spoilt with legalities - look this is really simple if you want this to happen then just say if its okay to use your images end of. Why the hec does this always happen. Anyway, I'll leave it for someone else to sort out. Thanks for the idea, that was brilliant.
  10. To safe guard, I guess we should just put on: "Anyone adding content to HiFiWigwam, text or images, gives permission for these to be used, copied or deleted without copyright or permission of any description'......it's probably not legally correct so I will find the right way but you get the gist just so we are covered. And I agree absolutely, we wouldn't use anything anyone did not wish us to use........by George that's not Wamming old boy!!
  11. I think this a brilliant idea and I will set it up in a private space so everything can be collected properly. If a photographer freely puts pictures up on a public place like here for example they are copyright free UNLESS when they are uploaded the photographer states that to download or reuse in any way they people need permission to do so. It is the photographers responsibility to state that or not. EG. if the images are on the photographers own FB or instagram or flicker account (which is public) they must write that they are copyright. In previous work I have come across this many times and its a confusing area.
  12. Hi Peter, it's pretty clear that most prefer to keep it as it is which is also fine with us. I will probably be either extending the hours or inviting more to attend on the Friday because Saturday is important for exhibitors for a few reasons, one to keep it as members night and the other to give exhibitors a chance to see the rooms themselves. It's not set in stone but put your name down and if you need to change it that's no problem. Hope that helps Peter.
  13. I have gone through the thread and listed all the members that have shown an interest so far, if I have missed anyone don't worry just put your name down and keep adding kit/changing it as we go along towards next year. I appreciate that it's not normally done now but I feel it gives everyone a chance to see other systems and spur people on to add/change/develop their set up. It also allows us to better plan rooms to systems well in advance. I can promise that this year we will utilise more areas and add bigger rooms than ever before and I have already spoken to the Hotel to make sure more space is allocated. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1a9wWTWeuqfAMb6iaM-K7q5BMKYFYOyfuG_AorZj9bas/edit?usp=sharing
  14. Naturally you cannot be 'given' a whole system worth £100,000 and say I've been given it so it's under £1000. On the day next year, we will 'value' each component for its age and condition, if you have bought a second hand amp for £300 then we need to see the receipt. If no receipts are available 'the judging panel' will decide and agree on a price and judge whether it is below £1000