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  1. Well not long to go now and quite a few things re Park & Ride have evolved that I wanted to make everyone aware of: THE NEW PARKING LOCATION There is now ONLY 1 car park and everyone coming on Sunday should go here: PERA BUSINESS PARK, Nottingham Rd, Melton Mowbray LE13 0PB I have attached a map and it is only a 7 minute journey. This is a private parking area and has enough spaces for 350 cars. If, hopefully, 350 spaces are not enough then there is a big supermarket parking area opposite also. PARK & RIDE SHOW GUIDE There will be clear signs at the entrance so please enter, find a space and then walk to the 'covered and sheltered' waiting area where 2 double decker buses will be waiting to take you to the event. I first said that it would be £5 for a return journey (per person) and £2 for a show guide, however after good support from our sponsors I can now say that the return journey and the 'souvenir' show guide together will be just £5 for both. At the entrance to the show (Scalford Pavilion) there will be a charge of £5 for the Park&Ride and a Show Guide, inside the show guide there will be your return ticket to the car park at the end of the day. So just get on the bus and get your return ticket at the show. Any questions just please ask here.
  2. Hi Simon, I'm just writing out a few changes now so will update shortly.
  3. Great stuff. Remember that on the day someone will be watching the Bring n Buy area so each product must be labelled clearly with a price, name and contact number.
  4. I'm sure there must be a load of tables and furniture available at the hotel? Do you want me to ask?
  5. Could I remind everyone to make sure you update the spreadsheet as I will be finalising the show guide shortly and whatever kit is listed will be printed. It's a lovely souvenir show guide so make sure all the info is correct. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1L2kB6iPRFcqylI_0P9zHwWpqd9lJAqPJK_IP0CySzCI/edit?usp=sharing Thanks Peter
  6. Last year there were 3 times as many cars than spaces available so this year the availability will be much better. The parking spaces for BLUE BADGE HOLDERS ONLY will be accessed via the main entrance to Scalford Hall and are situated directly in front of the Hotel Entrance alongside the main hedge. In order to park in these spaces YOU MUST SHOW YOUR BLUE BADGE. I appreciate there may be some people that have walking difficulty that do not have a badge, unfortunately you will be not allowed to park at the hotel unless you have are the named driver on the blue badge. I have also secured a very big private parking area (much better than the council car parks) which will make the Park&Ride very easy, so you can be assured that a short 5 min journey with drop off and pick-up directly at the entrance will be just as good.
  7. Big welcome to everyone new, don't forget to get your name down for Scalford in a few weeks time. Still have 4 rooms left to exhibit and don't be shy because there are more Newbie's this year than ever before!!!! All the info is on here so enjoy it and a warm and friendly welcome from Rachel & Peter
  8. No, I think we should try and help here if we can. I am sure that there will be people to help take up your gear and also help you with the stairs. Let me know how I can help sort this Regards Peter Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. They have upgraded their wireless connections and I have been focused on getting a good strong reception. I can't guarantee anything BUT it will be better this year.
  10. Can I just remind everyone that if you have space in your car and you have something you want to put in the raffle, or to sell for yourself then bring it with you. There is a thread of bring and buy plus raffle. Thanks Peter
  11. Everyone needs to be looking at the original sheet. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1L2kB6iPRFcqylI_0P9zHwWpqd9lJAqPJK_IP0CySzCI/edit?usp=sharing This is open and editable.
  12. If you are booked and down to exhibit then you do not need to do anything. THIS IS ONLY FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT EXHIBITING AND WANT TO COME AND JOIN IN ON SATURDAY AND STAY OVER Just make sure you PM me (I have quite a few already but no harm in double checking) with your full name and how many nights you want to stay. Thanks
  13. Badges being done List of names for rooms is growing please PM me with how many you need, full names of people coming and how many nights. Quite a few staying Sat & sun now.
  14. Hello Nigel, Sorry I missed this one and should have answered earlier. We have decided that to save things getting lost, if you simply bring your receipt with you, it will be enough. Not long to go now. See you at Scalford. Peter
  15. Excellent