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  1. all is down to my ears always. I understand that measuring is good to produce stuff but I trust my ears only at the end So this is purely mu subjective opinion, where I saying I have an good LPSU for cheap money and it serves me well
  2. So I have finaly got these feets from my dealer for home demo. First I did a quick listen to the system and at very few moments could have not hear much difference in sound (played streamed music from Qobuz Sublime). Than I put few records on and that was when I decided to keep them. I went to shop very next day and paid for these 'voodoo' things I was worried they may ruin the sound of my system, but the other is true. The sound improved with these isolators fitted on speakers. I had to removed granit plinths from underneath and put them straight on floor. The sound become much more clearer, the bottom bass just tighten up and is more precise. Sound stage stayed pretty much same but there is much more depth to it. The biggest improvement is in separation and depth. I can hear things I didn't before. Like in one particular track I always thought there is the male vocal and one female where it turns out there are actualy two female vocals on stage close together. So all in all, to my ears and taste this was a good investment into our system
  3. I have this
  4. try this Howto https://www.drivereasy.com/knowledge/solved-realtek-hd-audio-manager-is-missing/ If you struggle,just come back to us Sent from my ONE A2003 using Tapatalk
  5. My opinion is that the only time when you can hear same or similar sound of your CD and the rip is if you use your CDP as transport and put it through same DAC as your streamer.
  6. I am more than happy to welcome people who would like to listen to it. Living in flat the lounge room where hifi is can take 4-5 people max Tea and coffee is included and maybe some snacks
  7. BBC have probably changed the feeds so you would need an updated pluging. SO its down to developers of this to fix it
  8. Yes, I have asked and metioned in my very first reply here Glad you have it up and running
  9. than it should realy work. If you have all connected as mentioned, all powered on and you have no sound coming out of your spekers than you may have faulty unit. Do you know of anyone who may try it on different system?
  10. Where are your spekers connected to? In what input is your PC connected to your amplifier? Is the right input selected on your amplifier?
  11. No need to be embarassed Where do you have your speakers connected? Is the right selector pressed? Also if only one pair of spekers are connected you should have the right button engaged by instruction From what input is the sound(music) playing?
  12. OK, I think you are a bit confused here. You just need to take two of the speker cables from your amplifier and connect to your new speaker selector INPUT. Than connect your spekers to speker selector OUTPUT. Than you turn ON your amplifier and select which ever input you want to use(CD, AUX, PHONO, TUNER)
  13. so speker cables from your amp into Inputs on selector and your spekers connected to Outputs on selector, right? Than you play music from CD connected to your amplifier and when right spker out selected on this speaker selector you had no sound?
  14. This working with high level outputs only. So you need to connect output from your amplifier in first room into input on this device(speaker cables from amplifier). Than you connect your speakers into output 1 for 1st room, 2nd room speakers into output 2 and so on
  15. Boubacar Traoré-Bougoudani track from Mbalimaou album. Came across this track on The Dali CD Vol.4 sampler. Very nice music and great recording, so I instantly bought this album and another two from him