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  1. where to pre-order?any idea? Sent from my ONE A2003 using Tapatalk
  2. where about are you? I am sure there would be at least one forum member near you who can help
  3. easiest way is to take your HDD from old computer and put it into extrenal case with USB connection. Than just connect it to your new laptop and copy all files you want and need (photos, pictures, documents, etc). Regarding the passwords and accounts like in facebook, gmail etc., thats all online. So you just log in from your new machine. Nothing else is needed as ll the data, photos etc are stores in cloud servers and not in your computer
  4. pretty sure all this is downd to software. Try different OS with different kernels and tweaks and you be surpeised how much difference you going to hear I have tried every single OS and SW solution for RPi and settled down with Mo0deAudio for the superior sound quality of this distribution
  5. I worked at Butlins as a sparky [emoji16] But going to do something totally different this time [emoji41] Sent from my ONE A2003 using Tapatalk
  6. a bit of drive but not impossible
  7. cheers, making a note There is a great place we coming to often when we down there, Raleghs Cross Inn. Great Sunday roast, highly recommended
  8. We are about to relocate in next two months. We are moving to West Somerset, to place called Minehead. Used to live there in past and now we are moving back I was just wondering if we have anyone here from that area? Just looking for some new faces for some hi fi evenings etc
  9. And main issue are stubborn people behind. Forcing people to use their system instead of giving a chance to implement it to existing systems(Roon Labs, etc). For me this is a reason why I am out since my Sublime subscription runs out. Bye, bye Qobuz
  10. all is down to my ears always. I understand that measuring is good to produce stuff but I trust my ears only at the end So this is purely mu subjective opinion, where I saying I have an good LPSU for cheap money and it serves me well
  11. So I have finaly got these feets from my dealer for home demo. First I did a quick listen to the system and at very few moments could have not hear much difference in sound (played streamed music from Qobuz Sublime). Than I put few records on and that was when I decided to keep them. I went to shop very next day and paid for these 'voodoo' things I was worried they may ruin the sound of my system, but the other is true. The sound improved with these isolators fitted on speakers. I had to removed granit plinths from underneath and put them straight on floor. The sound become much more clearer, the bottom bass just tighten up and is more precise. Sound stage stayed pretty much same but there is much more depth to it. The biggest improvement is in separation and depth. I can hear things I didn't before. Like in one particular track I always thought there is the male vocal and one female where it turns out there are actualy two female vocals on stage close together. So all in all, to my ears and taste this was a good investment into our system
  12. I have this
  13. try this Howto https://www.drivereasy.com/knowledge/solved-realtek-hd-audio-manager-is-missing/ If you struggle,just come back to us Sent from my ONE A2003 using Tapatalk
  14. My opinion is that the only time when you can hear same or similar sound of your CD and the rip is if you use your CDP as transport and put it through same DAC as your streamer.
  15. I am more than happy to welcome people who would like to listen to it. Living in flat the lounge room where hifi is can take 4-5 people max Tea and coffee is included and maybe some snacks