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  1. I have tried all of the distros out there and keep coming back to MoodeAudio for it sound quality. Somehow sounds far superior to my ears than other distros, super easy and quick to setup. But its like with everything else, we all have different requirements and preferences Same like with my other RPi which is running XBian and not any other Kodi distro since day one
  2. it's pretty simple and you can be up and running within an hour from unboxing Sent from my ONE A2003 using Tapatalk
  3. yeah, based on Audiophonics Sabre ES9018 DAC. I am not sure about Max2play. Looks over complicated with everything they could have think of to put into the system . System is very stubborn and complicated to set. Nothing for novice. I was playing with it not long ago and I just gave up. I am not a begginner but it was way too much hassle
  4. AKG K451 I have a pair for myself, pretty happy for the money I paid
  5. Maybe you would like to read this https://www.linn.co.uk/blog/mqa-is-bad-for-music
  6. Yes I do have LPSU in system>>. I bought it of eBay. iFi suppose to be good but I have never tried it. But be aware! Raspbery Pi 3 needs at least 2.5A! Thats bare minimum. And if you have DAC like I-Sabre you need more and also 6V not 5V! So iFi Mini has max 2.5A and only 5V and cost almost £200! So no good to me. Hence I searched and bought the one from eBay. It has 65VA R-core transformer so plenty of power over 6V which I using
  7. Yes, LPS/ULPS makes a difference.If you would have this kit ready made and set by someone who does it all the time it is an plug-and-play solution. I have another post here >> about sound quality etc. I do not have any ultra high end setup but I think it is an decent one. So if something does not sound 'good' I would notice it. And this little kit sounds good, good to my ears and good enough to be as good as ready made device with £4000 price tag. So I am not sure that Auralic Mini is going to be 'better' or sound much different.
  8. Well, this is something I can not give you an answer for. And I think nobody can, just you. All I can say is going to sound different. But I always saying the sound is not better or worst, it just sound different. If this 'different' is better for your ears, only you can say. But I said, you or anone else is more than welcome to come down to ours to listen to it