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    Hi, I have a pair of these in very good condition put away, I might be willing to part with them. Drop me a PM and we can discuss it.
  2. Sorry Greybeard, that was one swift sale!!
  3. Provisionally sold in less than 15 minutes!!
  4. Selling my 502 preamp as I am trying to simplify my system. If you aren't familiar with it the 502 is a great bit of kit and supposedly sonically superior to the visually very similar 501 that came before it. Balanced ins/out, and a rare phono stage which is understand is a factory/dealer fitted option. Unfortunately I have no way of determining if this is mm or mc as there's nothing to indicate which! If anyone knows any more about this please feel free to chime in. Another very handy feature is the preamp level matching which allows you to adjust individual component levels, so that your phono stage, for example, will be output at the same level as your digital sources. It's in excellent condition as you can see from the photos taken in bright sunlight. Boxed with original manual. No MSR remote but you can pick those up cheaply enough (around £35- £55 on the digital auctioneers). £300. In Glasgow, but will courier in original box. PM me or reply here.
  5. Hey Koos, You're welcome!
  6. Ok, I have been listening in the position you mentioned, the soundstaging is slightly different, but it in no way harms the performance in my opinion. It's such a versatile speaker in terms of placement options, which is ideal in a listening space like the one you have. It's a shame you are so far away from me, I'd have been happy to invite you for a listen!
  7. I tried this just the other day and i didn't feel that the sound suffered in any way. Omnis seem to be so much less position-critical that you can get away with some odd configurations! As I am listening to them right now, I'll move them again just to confirm. They are misleading in size, no matter how many pictures I saw of them, when I finally saw them in person I was surprised by just how tiny they were.
  8. I recently came across some Duevel Planets, and I'm now an omnidirectional convert! They are pretty small and perhaps the unusual styling would appeal to your other half? Many colours/finishes available...
  9. SOLD

    I love the imaging qualities of a set of 105s...Still a great speaker even almost 40 years after their birth. MCG, look forward to reading your thoughts on them....
  10. Thanks Greybeard. It's been so long since i looked at the thread that I didn't notice your reply, thanks for the welcome. I love my 104s! I'll take a look at your build thread.
  11. I messed up the link- sorry! But yes so if you see any esoteric/high end stuff that says "Buy Today 1200gbp" or similar...avoid! Wilson Sophias for £1200? I doubt it!! @enrae8 I linked to those 802s....who are they kdding!
  12. Heads up on this "too good to be true" set of listings. These people seem to have different ebay business accounts and are listing the same speakers every couple of days on different accounts. All with a ridiculous flat £1200 buying option (which you need to contact them about via email). Here is a link to one of their many improbable listings:
  13. The BBC version music, not that massively-overrated Howard Shore stuff from the films...