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  1. Decided to bite the bullet and ordered an Explorer2! Will be signing up for Tidal when it arrives..
  2. Although I do most of my listening on Spotify due to laziness I do wonder if Tidal and MQA would be significantly better? I was hopeing Meridian would do a driver update for the Director but it doesn't seem to be on the cards so would an Explorer2 with Tidal beat my Director with Spotify? Might have to invest in one to find out? And then unload the loser?
  3. It has two inputs and a toggle switch on the back! Remote Volume as well
  4. Listening to this in the bedroom... The FM3 is not an FM3 though it's a Pass B1 Buffer Preamp in an FM3 case...
  5. Sennheiser HD448 or HD449 I use these when I'm travelling and they are pretty good for the price..
  6. You could try an Ifi ipurifier SPDIF that by all accounts reclocks and removes jitter http://ifi-audio.com/portfolio-view/accessory-spdif-ipurifier/
  7. Problem solved I was using a belkin extension lead with a master plug that controls the other plugs changed the lead and now noise free.. Although I got a bit fed up with it all and started ordering the bits for a new power amp before I solved the problem.. patience has never been one of my stronger points..
  8. It's already been adjusted to 1.5V. The noise seems to have got a little quieter with a change of RCAs but is still there think it might be from the switching power supply? Or it might be the Dac picking up power supply noise as it did this before with a Millett headphone amp? Back on night shifts so solutions will have to wait. If this was my living room set up I think I would live with it cause at normal listening levels it's not really noticeable but it's my bedroom set up for low level listening to drown out the outside noise while on night shifts think I will need to try it with another amp or swap everything round between living room and bedroom?
  9. Well I seem to have a problem with a hiss coming through the speakers when connected to the 405-2. Connect a airport express direct to Quad 405-2 using a 3.5mm jack to RCA no hiss from 405. Connect the B1 to the 405 audible hiss through the Speakers. Connect the B1 to another 405 audible his through speakers. Connect the B1 to an O2 headphone amp with the volume maxed and using the B1 to control the volume and no hiss? anyone any ideas..
  10. Another late night insomnia buy😱🚑
  11. Dont Velleman do a soft start and DC protection module that will fix this? I know Dada Electronics do one for the Quad 405 that could be used but it's considerably more expensive and you would have to buy one per channel.. http://www.dadaelectronics.eu/shop/dada-high-end-boards/dada-electronics-loudspeaker-protection-delay
  12. For future reference for anyone using the Glasshouse remote module it appears to work with an Arcam remote and a Rega Solar remote that I have so I guess they used the same codes for volume control..
  13. I am on the list for the next batch of these so will be watching with interest as I find the DIYAudio threads far too long and its nice to find and favorite a concise build thread with hopefully plenty of pics..
  14. Little bit more done today! Remote module all wired up and working! And remote sensor extended so it's visible through the glass.. you can just make it out above the O in STEREO!