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  1. I will be there for Thursday and Friday , love Munich !Not just the show but the town itself . Looking forward to seeing whats new and catching up with a few friends i have not spoken to for a while . Oh and did i mention beer!
  2. From what i can gather the DAC30 is gone and they have no AV product left in black , we are buying the SPA23 and BD32 in the titanium finish on a cracking deal until that is sold through. The two channel range bar the 60 are getting on now and i think they will show new product at Munich in a couple of weeks time due to the offers on some of the other kit. I will be there for the first two days and if i see anything i will post some pictures
  3. The Mk2 like the Oppo does the 4K playback (not though 4K discs) . I find it also plays back remotely stored files way better .Primare use the Crystal DAC chip set in the plaer , the same as they used in the DAC30 before it was discontinued .
  4. This is a great thread , as i think if you look at what people are saying its just about what i have thought for years . Some thinks placed under certain bits of kit can make a difference(be it good or bad that only the listener can say). One thing i have always avoided is glass shelving , for me its always wood or something less "ringy".. One of our customers once showed me a table he had build from oak and concrete , god it was heavy but his system sounded fantastic on it and he was experimenting with different things between the shelf and the kit . It was good to listen as what he thought made a big difference i found hardly any change in the sound . What i do think is worth a mention is what you can put under a sub woofer to make some improvements .Subs generally have a lot of energy in them and isolating them from the floor can make huge it concrete slabs or rubber feet this is an area that great gains can be made for minimal expense .
  5. Having bought and sold a few BD32's, both the Mk1 and MK2 models i have just bitten the bullet and ordered another BD32Mk2 for home and i am not going to change it !! Every time i fit one and then put it on a job i get earache from SWMBO as she likes how it sounds better than the one you keep putting back in.. It was a great deal from the distributor as i think as they are based on the now defunct Oppo 103 model .They are running out of stock(no black left at all) and it had to be done.. Wondering if they will show anything new in Munich?
  6. It's a shame , i know lots of people who go to Windsor , both trade and public . We would have to think long and hard as to what to do..would love to do something in Harrogate as it is on our doorstep ..but we also get to see lots of kit at Windsor that we would never have the chance to otherwise .
  7. thatll be it
  8. Just remember that the HIfi Choice show is late October 21/22 in Windsor . I generally go there for the weekend as i can see several trade contacts in a short space of time . That said if it does not clash we would love a room!!
  9. Reading this thread is like looking back at choices we had to make a couple of years ago with a client . He did not want to move house as he was happy living as he was but really wanted a better room for a cinema . We looked at converting his garage but he used that to store lots of "sporty" things and the other rooms inside the house just did not work . After a lot of chewing the fat he went for a summer house in the garden from Tuin , we had the mains cable laid ready for the build along with a network cable (well we put 4 in..better safe than sorry) . A local builder did the base for the build (no run off it needs to be dead level) and the client built it with his son in two days . We go tto site on the third day and have to admit that it was a magnificent building if i remember it was 44mm thick and came with twin opening DG doors . Internally it was 4 x 5M and we fitted a floating stud wall as you should never fit anything to the inside of the cabin that joins the logs together .Popped a 2400cm screen on and fitted some speakers into the floating wall . All in all we spent three days there to finish the job and tidy everything up and have to say that it sounded fantastic . The build was so so solid and everything just fitted as it should . We spent a good few hours listening to both film and music and have to say that it did sound very good . What i found really good was that there was very little sound escaping into the garden..
  10. There are three Array models the 1000 you have pictured and the stand mounting 800 and the big 1400 floor stander . We have sold a pair of 1400's second hand that came in a trade in deal and have to say that they sounded fantastic . The JBL compression drivers for movies are fantastic , nothing creates the dynamics of film better . With music i think it is something you have to listen to , i love them !! BUt i can see why some people have issues , they are dynamic..very very open and completely different from any other speaker you will ever hear . We sold a couple of pairs of 4365 a couple of years ago , one guy loves them..replaced something way bigger and way more "hifi" and you would have to cut his arm off to get him to part with them .The other pair we took back after about 3 months against a pair of second hand Focals . We had thought about putting them into our demo cinema as its due for a big upgrade . But the first person who popped in for a demo on something completely different asked for a listen and just had to have them!
  11. If you look about at some older DVD players and do a little Google searching you will find a goodly number are region modifiable . If i remember some of the Oppo ones and the Pioneer ones can be done . Some its just a button press on the RC others need an internal board
  12. They do sound fantastic , we have ordered up three pairs for stock (one sold already)...always happy to do a demo for anyone wanting a listen . We are planning a open evening for a car dealer and we will be using these in one of the systems and they will be next to a old Ford S2000 in white..
  13. I will post some more pics next week , we have just bought a demo pair of 4429 and they are a mean looking speaker
  14. In great used condition less than a year old . Sold by us to a customer who is looking to move over to a A/V system . Original box and packing will be used to ship . We are more than happy to take a part exchange against this . Retail price over £3000 , grab a fantastic pre amp with stunning streamer for only £1650
  15. Sometimes i just hate anything to to with computers