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  1. They look great with that orange grill..not every ones taste but i like them..We have the Se model on the way..had a listen in Vegas at the CES show and really really like them . If money allows we will order up some 3900 or 4700 for our demo room..we are trying to sell up each time to end up with K2's..
  2. We have just ordered a demo pair of the 4312SE speakers . These are due in about 4 weeks , the big issue is do i take them home and keep them..or pop them into a system at the office...
  3. SALE

    Anyone looking for a great amp give this a go..i have used these in the past (maybe 15 years ago now) and they are great...and for the money this is a fantastic buy..
  4. I agree with the above poster , the ARC room EQ is to my ears way better than Audyssey , to be honest setting it up with earplugs in and blindfolded will beat most Audyssey EQ system i have ever listened to..its just wrong(this is my very very personnel opinion and i know some people do like it) . We had a client with a fantastic room that sounded wrong with just about everything that was put in there . He had and was very very happy with a lot of Naim amps and B and W speakers , he had tried several AV pre amps and in the end settled on the Anthem because the ARC just made it sound right . What he is trying next when the new projector is in and set up is a big move forward and something we are really looking forward to playing with but the costings are abuot £25k on top of what he's already spent...will be good to hear how the ARC cuts the mustard against it
  5. Two black DAC30 a little bump for the weekend..
  6. Its not Brexit that is making the prices go up..its £ against the $ ..Brexit might be the mains driving point behind the fall of the pound but its not the only reason . It would be good to see if the prices come back down if there is a recovery in the exchange rates..? We fit a fair bit of Sonos , clients love it..great app and the "get it" unlike some other products that need more TLC when setting up . We always make a point if doing a demonstration to show the it will only play music to a level and if customers want more..they have to buy something else (90% are happy with Sonos) .For the ones that want something better we show several options.then about 50% of those clients go back to Sonos Love it or hate it its a great front end for the user..easy app and plays enough for most..Maybe not enough for the hifi enthusiast but would they look at it in the first place
  7. We have a primare DAC 30 special offer, brand new stock that normally retails at £1999.00 now down to £1299.00 and on top of that we will offer a minimum part exchange of £200.00 for any working item of hifi equipment that you would like to trade in, yep even that dusty old biscuit tin of an amp that you meant to throw away and you've had in the loft for thirty years will get you a minimum of £200.00 further off the price meaning the brand new DAC30 will cost you £1099.00 at most. Stock of these at this price with the part exchange is limited so anyone interested please message us. General info The DAC 30 is a fully balanced high performance 24bit /192kHz stereo DAC designed to render the best possible audio quality from computer-based high resolution music files, upgrade existing high-end players like the CD31 and transform the sound of set-top boxes and games consoles . Equipped with a wide array of inputs including asynchronous USB-B, stereo balanced AES EBU and three pairs of S/PDIF coaxial and TOSLINK connectors, the DAC30 uses the processing engine of the celebrated Primare BD32 universal player to convert and convey very low distortion analogue signals to a high quality music system via a pair of balanced XLR and single-ended RCA outputs. There is also an S/PDIF digital output. General spec 24 / 192 kHz Crystal DSD DAC CS4398 (BD32) Fully balanced analogue output stage (BD32) Outputs: 1 pair XLR and 1 pair RCA (both 4,3V) Inputs: 1x asynchronous USB-B, 1x AES/EBU, 3x Optical, 3x Coax S/PDIF An audiophile relay controlled MUTE circuit Linear R-Core transformer Signal to Noise 120dB Input selection, DIM, ON/OFF can be operated by remote C23 or C33. (select MEDIA) Dimensions 430 x 370 x 95mm - See more at:
  8. What you dont get on the Primare are the new height channel formats like Atmos ,Auro and DTS_X . It covers everything else that you want with 7 channels already set up . We just upgraded a SP33 none 4K to a Dolby Atmos system using a pre amp from a big Japanese brand..great facilities but the Primare sounds way way better on music and movies in its native 7 channel mode Rob
  9. You can use the Primare SPA23 with an additional two channel power amplifier to make it 7.1 . We have installed several over the years and have added the A34.2 to drive the fronts and the internal for centre side and rear . You can if budget is limited add a lower cost power amp and use it for rears.. We have also used the Pimare AV pre and power..and that is a cracking system , the power amp holds its own with amps costing twice the price and more Rob
  10. We will be going..i think this will be 6 on the trot ...we found a fantastic bar and beer garden last year ..just got to try and remember where it was
  11. When you look at multiple subs in a system it can often cure lots of problems that you get with a single sub..but it will also create a few more. I agree with the gentleman above about timing . It can make a huge difference ,when used both at home and in the commercial market(we install multiple subs in bars and clubs and have had real issues getting these sorted). One thing that is great value for money and can be of help if you can get to grips with it is the mini really does sort out lots of dead spots in a room and can give the system a level of cohesion that you just do not get playing with the levels on the subs or sub amps . We went to site about two weeks ago to look at a job re fitting some large old Tannoy speakers (no idea what they are as they are mounted at the back of a 4 mtr screen) and adding height channels for Atmos and that chap had 6 passive 18inch subs each with over a 1000 watts .Have never felt bass like it there was so much energy in the room it almost hurt .That said it did not sound great as these subs are just hooked up to a sub out and a active splitter .We are going back in January to try and sort out this along with the Atmaos speakers and will be looking at trying to bring some form of control into the system
  12. We have installed several sound bars over the years from ones that have come supplied with a TV up to carefully chosen systems. The general rule that we have come up with is that if you have a TV , most of the speakers on them are not that good..and adding anything is going to give you a level of improvement . Some of the better after market soundbars..with internal amplification are very good. The Harman Sabre 35 is fantastic and to us looks great..but it is still just a soundbar .When you start to look at the separate passive soundbars there are some very good units out there that perform very well with Tv and can offer a good level of sound on hifi providing there is careful matching with a good sub
  13. One bump...New Primare bits in stock ...please ask for a package price
  14. Email We have for sale a used pair of CR Electronic Design Amphion Class A monobloc Power Amplifiers for £799.00 These monoblocs are based around the 6C33C linear tubes,combined with the excellent circuit design the Amphions give a wonderful open quality of sound that made these an incredibly well regarded pair of amps. These have also been upgraded, the previous owner had the following upgrades done to these: Replace 8 x 100v smoothing caps in PSU Replace 4 x 450v smoothing caps in psusReplace 8 x 450v electrolytics on input boardsUpgrade all 6 coupling caps to Mundorf film /foil These monoblocs are items that have been trade in, if you have something that you would like to trade in against these send us a message with what you have and we will come back to you.
  15. Email : We have for sale a used Primare SP32 AV surround processor in the black finish for £999.00, this is the standard version of the processor not the HD audio version. It has a small scratch on the top of the front panel (pictured on the last gallery image) other than that it is in excellent condition with original box and remote control. This is a unit that has been traded in against the new 4K SP33, it has been checked,tested and is fully working. If you would like to trade a unit in against this product,send us a message with what you have and we will come back to you. A little about the product : SP32 PRE-AMPLIFIER/SURROUND PROCESSOR INTRODUCTION The SP32 is an audiophile balanced eight channel pre-amplifier/processor featuring full RS-232 control comprehensive video switching via 1.3 compliant HDMI and powerful custom configuration. It is the natural successor to the successful SP31, which was recognised around the world for its high performance and innovative user interface. As the first of a new generation of Primare home entertainment products. The SP32 represents a considerable evolutionary advance in terms of design, performance, user flexibility and versatility Specifications : Modular Architecture. Fully Balanced Analogue AV Preamplifier & Digital Controller 1080p HDMI Switching (3in/1out) Component / Composite / S-Video DVD-A & SACD 5.1 Input, Multi Channel PCM Compatible Fully Configurable & Format independent Bass Management Two Balanced Source Inputs, 7.1 Balanced Outputs Discrete IR & Full RS232 Operation Programmable Triggers Upgradeable Architecture. Dimensions W x D x H mm: 430 x 385 x 180 Weight: 12 kg