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  • Turn Table
    Townshend Ellite II
  • Tone Arm & Cartridge
    SME V-D, Grado wood
  • SUT / Phono Stage
    LFD Mistral (old)
  • Digital Source 1
    CD Arcam Alpha 5+
  • DAC
    £5 wonder (TV)
  • Integrated Amp
    Densen B100 MkV
  • Pre-Amp
    ex NAC42.5
  • Power Amp/s
    ex NAP110
  • My Speakers
    Sonus Faber Concerto
  • Headphones
    Ears pre-installed
  1. SALE

    Has this recently sold on eBay?. If not, someone used your photos.
  2. My son has an NCSE MkII. He's very pleased with it.
  3. I've got an old LFD Mistral phone stage. Sounds very sweet. Can be adjusted for MC/MM via a couple of solder links on the PCB.
  4. Well it applies to any TT with a mains frequency dependent motor. I never owned an LP12. Just interested in what is the best PSU solution for my Townshend Elite II.
  5. What about the Norton Airpower? How does that rate against the others?
  6. "Geddon" = "Armageddon" "Herc" = "Hercules" Both different types of TT PSUs.
  7. ..
  8. ..
  9. ..
  10. Just wondered what the consensus is on the difference one could expect to hear between using a Geddon or various frequency stabilised electronic turntable PSUs. Does anyone have experience of both types and why they may prefer one or the other?
  11. So it would seem there is some reasonably good, and some high end (which you don't see much of over here).
  12. Just trying to do some learning here. I see various Japanese TTs cropping up from time to time, in threads and for sale, and just wondered which are considered to be the best of the best, or if there is an outright winner?
  13. An un-sticky sticky. Brilliant!
  14. My SME IV works really well on the Townshend Elite II. It has a paddle fitted for the silicon trough. Tight bass which goes nice and low. I was surprised when I first got it because it will track just about anything. As someone from an engineering background, I can appreciate the quality of the design. A lot of R&D must have gone into it. A lot of thought has gone into the setting-up, which is very user friendly. As for me upgrading, there is simply no need. Everything else would have to go first. I heard some history that huge resources were invested in the development of the V. Can anyone shed any light on that?
  15. Wow! That looks amazing! Whats the story on that one Mik?