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  1. flummox
  2. Their website contains some beautiful (looking) turntables
  3. I was after that but didn't manage to get it, please tell me it's rubbish!
  4. Record Store Day purchase Heard this on Sound Cloud, after seeing it posted here - it's really good
  5. Vinyl Cafe in Carlisle (in its first year of trading) had queues at 10:00, live music and busy when I left an hour later. Got Flaming Lip's Concert for Peace (in lovely red vinyl) and Wynton Kelly / Wes Montgomery Smokin in Seattle. Quite enjoyed it
  6. Wonderful French oddness
  7. You bad bad man I've just discovered Mr Bongo's website, and next months wages appear to be heading their way!
  8. Thank you! Mine arrived today listened to the CD and am really enjoying especially the instrumentals and as you say a great recording - now if I can just work out how to delete the Joss Stone track it would be a really good album
  9. Red Snapper from Making Bones
  10. I've just upgraded from the stock cartridge that came with my turntable to the 2m blue (ex-demo) for £160 the difference is quite mind boggling across a broad range of genres
  11. Lovely laid back groove
  12. This was quite a surprise - much funkier than I'd heard from Jarrett before and I've wanted this on vinyl for along time