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  • Turn Table
    Sony PS-6750
  • Tone Arm & Cartridge
    AT OC9ml/ii
  • SUT / Phono Stage
    Salas SFPS
  • Digital Source 1
    Denon DVD2800
  • Digital Source 2
    RPi3/Kali Reclocker
  • DAC
    DDDac 1794
  • Integrated Amp
    Puresound A30
  • Pre-Amp
    Mezmerize B1 Buffer
  • Power Amp/s
    Pass Aleph 30
  • My Speakers
    Bastanis Wildhorn
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    I am not in the Hi-Fi trade
  1. Room 204 is same as spreadsheet: Sony PS6750 turntable with AT-OC9ml/ii cartridge, Salam Simple Folded Phone Stage (diy), Devon DVD2800 (as a transport), DDDAC 1794 (diy), Bewitch A30 integrated valve amp, Club-27 Janis and Kurt speakers (diy).
  2. SALE

    Sold Sent from my SM-T585 using Tapatalk
  3. Are there any larger rooms still available Danny? I'm hoping to show 2 or 3 pairs of diy speakers so extra space would be good....
  4. just saturday night please, I've got no mates so I'll be by myself.....
  5. SALE

    iff you knock the zero off I might be able to afford it! marvellous sounding bit of kit....
  6. SALE

    No interest? Component cost was actually £420 whcih is cheap for the sounds it makes, only selling cheap so I can move on to other projects.....
  7. Built using quality components (Hifi2000 4U 300mm case, semi potted 500VA Toroidy transformer, Panasonic caps, DIYAudio supplied semiconductors 2SK170BL and 2SJ74BL plus high quality PCB's from the same forum) my M2 has been running for a few months now without missing a beat. The design is a very simple push/pull class A design and uses a transformer on the pcb instead of extra gain stages (I think that's right). 25W into 8 Ohms and 40W into 4 Ohms it is capable of driving most speakers, the gain is on the low side at 15db so an active pre may be better into less sensitive designs. The main feature is that it uses no negative feedback which Nelson Pass suggests makes for a more musically life like sound, he goes on to suggest it has a hint of valve magic to the mid range (dunno, all these hifi terms confuse me). Whatever they say it does sound great, at least in the same ballpark as the Puresound 2A3 but with better defined bass and able to drive tougher loads. I'm only selling as a lack of space (now I've moved my kit downstairs) makes an integrated more practical (and I'm more restricted by room issues than kit quality). Build cost is in the region of £400 but the it doesn't sound like a £400 amp (£2-£3K maybe) and I'm hoping to get a good chunk of that back. Price is £330 posted or £300 collected from Sheffield. I don't currently have a pre amp to demo with but you're welcome to come here with one and I'll happily demo the amp. I previously advertised the amp with a set of Aleph boards, these are no longer for sale, all of the previous comments about workmanship and tooling marks still stand. The amp works perfectly but I have made the odd extra mark on the back and inside of the case.
  8. I'll be showing two new kit speakers I'm building plus my work in progress DDDac 1794 and the Salas Simple folded MC phono stage......
  9. Hi Steve, I had to drill a second set of holes so the heatsink is a bit messy and has "Built by hand" character, ahem. I want to be as honest as possible about the build, I'm not the neatest with small tools (I built custom bike frames so am used to larger hand tools) and didn't want anyone to be disappointed. The internals are safe and both have been run for 50+ hours. I'll send you a pm
  10. Tim I've got some speakers to build for Scalford but you're welcome to borrow my router, clamps and workmate after they're finished (2 weeks or so time). It'll make a much neater job and I've made a circle cutting jig for the router that you could use for the curved top section.....
  11. SALE

    Sorry sold Monday....
  12. Personally if you don't like the standard of workmanship and finish at £1000 new I'd start looking for a Notts Analogue Spacedeck and Spacearm. Sometimes available for £850 I think you'd be happy with fit and finish, they are also very simple so reliable and the company are very easy to deal with. One of the few things I regret selling and a Hyperspace with Anna arm is certainly something I'd like in the future....
  13. SALE

    Price drop to £260 posted or £240 collected
  14. I've made a mistake with pricing, it should be £370 posted