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  1. Thanks for the replies. I'll update the original post when I get to a computer....
  2. Right I'm going to make it the 27th instead
  3. I might move it back a week Mick. Didn't see Dave has organised one for the 21st
  4. Starting at 11 and finishing around 7. Lots of grub, cake and tunes, sprinkled with a large quantity of banter and fueled by copious caffeine. Can swap kit if you want or just chill with some music. Space for 15 to 18....

    I've got a 2M Red that you can have for £30 Tim
  6. Great review Richard, makes me want to try some. I owned SCM11's a few years ago which I really enjoyed once I'd found the right amp for them.

    Sorry Crain, still waiting for a reply, I'll get back to you soon

    Ta Craig, I'll have a word and get back to you
  9. Trying to help a friend of my eldest sons out (annoying that he asked me today as I sold a Nad amp cheap at the bring and buy yesterday) Must be very cheap and can be basic
  10. I've packed my soldering station, multimeter, small tools and a few spares if anybody needs an emergency repair. I'm in room 204 from around 3pm today.....
  11. Yes please, room 204 if that's ok
  12. Uhhhhhhhhmmm no, haven't quite finished the second set of speakers yet. Not a clue what music I will take, if it'll fit in the car, whether to take a stand or not, what time to leave etc, etc..... What could possibly go wrong
  13. There's plenty of them about so you should be fine Ian