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  1. Indexes on CDs were used to split very long tracks, particularly in classical music, so that you could quickly jump to particular points. Most CDs won't use them.
  2. Another pair of WLMs?
  3. Yes please.
  4. They sounded excellent on Saturday.
  5. Blingtastic.
  6. SME IV fitted to my Orbe.
  7. Your Parasound was excellent. It's not often that my taste in music gets compliments.
  8. I had a jolly nice time today. Thanks to everyone for the goodies, the music and the banter. I even got to play a side of Obadiah by Frazey Ford without clearing the room.
  9. Lots of yummy cakes. I'm just finishing off the last bit of pavlova. At least it was sunny for your journey home.
  10. I heard the one that Guy Sergeant built (http://audioabattoir.com/t/build-your-own-747/673) at a bakeoff. It sounded very good for the money.