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  1. Agree completely with this Phil - synergy is a bigger factor in choosing a pre than cost. The only way to find the right one is to try them. I tried a number of expensive pre amps to match an Aleph 30 Class A power amp and the best sound was with a fairly cheap (under £1k) DIY valve pre. YMMV.
  2. Yes. I just wish they were FLACs instead of WAV files but the live set does sound stunning so far. Well worth £7.
  3. Purchased the live set and this album.
  4. As a big fan of introspective music , it's hardly a surprise that I really like this. It sounds like I'd imagine a very, very laid back Fink album would sound. Listening on headphones and there's a lot of interesting things going on behind the vocals. 5/5.
  5. I'm surprised at no listing for Lazarus from David Bowie's final album Blackstar. I ended up playing quite a lot of Gregory Porter last year. I will.
  6. As will I.
  7. Following my bakeoff yesterday I've had a bit of a re-think. My kit for Room 211 will be; Cyrus Signature CD Transport DiDiT DAC Vitus SS-010 amplifier (25 watts/channel single-ended Class A) Graham Audio LS5/9 speakers
  8. Pizza was lovely as usual but the music was of a distinctly variable nature with a bit too much noodly jazz for my liking. I think that a good day was had by all.
  9. Yes please Nick.
  10. Excellent result David.
  11. It's the original announcement sheet with kit etc on it rather than the room allocation one.
  12. BobC used three turntables in a bedroom a couple of years ago; he put them on the desk furniture that was already in there along a side wall and then had his Kef 104s at the end away from the door. I'm not sure whether he used all three turntables or if one was just eye candy.
  13. You could at least have matching LEDs! Great job - I'm looking forward to hearing this at Scalford.