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  1. Naim is very good at dance music. I think you'll struggle getting Neats and Densen for a grand though? If going the Naim route I'd go 72/140 and Credos over the Linns if you have the space for em.
  2. Another shout for Epos. The ES11s or 14s are both brilliant. Had 11s with my 72/hicap/140 combo for quite a while and loved em.
  3. A google search says that this allegedly what you're after.
  4. Have you asked M-Audio?
  5. What Duncan said. Not difficult to sort out at all.
  6. Makes sense. But like you say, only one way to find out if there's an audible difference.
  7. Why don't they like it?
  8. What about picking up a used item? A Primare i22 should be possible for a grand, with optional digital input card.
  9. SOLD

    I have one of these in black and they are really something quite special! Good luck with the sale :-)
  10. I use a weight, so that's moot.
  11. 180g vinyl is foo. The grooves aren't any deeper, so what exactly is the point? Sounds better my arse!
  12. No, you don't want to use that link. That's to bridge the amp. Not what you're looking to achieve at all.
  13. Couldn't wait for a reply so pulled a "how much to end the auction early" eBay move and bagged a lovely A20 mk2 AND a D20 CD player for £425 all in. Just hooked the amp and my word. That'll do nicely! Just what I was after. Did I do OK price wise?
  14. Ok, first off, you have two amps so you will be bi-amping, rather than bi-wiring. Again there's numerous debate about whether or not there are any benefits to this. In my experience there are some gains to be had, but it depends on your speakers/electronics. So, here's how to do it. First, remove the jumpers on your speakers (the metal plates or wires that go between the high frequency and low frequency inputs). Next take the speaker outputs from the power amp (290p) and connect them to the tweeter inputs on the speakers. Then take the speaker outputs form the integrated and connect them to the woofer inputs. And that's it. Job jobbed as they say.