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  • Latest Posts

    • Sorry Des, not going to be able to make today, bloody work. Have a great time!
    • Sorry for being late in my reply to you guys just had a few bad you do....really naffs me off this Parkinson's. Cable monkey has the correct idea and totally agree with his comments.....the next thing will be construction either by myself or if I can get a helper all the better.  The speaker placement is fixed as there is no other place for them, it would be so nice if i got no joists under, pigs may fly !!!! I wonder if you could direct me to the hardware please?  The council would not bother coming as the law states that the noise needs only to be a nuisance and it not related to volume.  English private law defines a nuisance as "an unlawful interference with a person's use or enjoyment of land or of some right over, or in connection, with it." The process of determining what level of noise constitutes a nuisance can be quite subjective. All the best Mick
    • Alvins Blues (Ian Simmonds) Thanks Rick @ Musicraft
    • Clearance/Special Offers list PRICE UPDATE - Raidho Acoustics X-1 loudspeakers (demo/display pair) in Piano Black finish + matching speaker stands in Black finish (NEW) RRP £4378_____Were £2800_____Now £2769
      Btw, Naim NAP 200 power amplifier (demo/display unit) in Black finish RRP £1924_____Was £1029_____Now £1000 is provisionally sold Chord Electronics QBD76 DAC (demo/display unit) in Brilliant Silver finish RRP £4140_____Now £2500 ***** Please call before travelling *****
      ***** Musicraft website - Special Offers list *****
      ***** *****
      Thanks Rick @ Musicraft
    • Musicraft is pleased to announce that at the Sound & Vision The Bristol Show on February 25th 2017 we received Hegel Music Systems UK Dealer of The Year 2016 Award and on February 8th 2016 we received Hegel Music Systems UK Dealer of the Year 2015 Award which we proudly accepted on behalf of our clients. We and Hegel Music Systems thank our clients for helping establish and achieving great success with Hegel Music Systems in the UK. Musicraft is Hegel Music Systems UK Dealer of the Year 2015 and 2016.
      Musicraft (Derby) is Hegel Music Systems UK Dealer of The Year 2015 and 2016
      Musicraft (Derby) is Hegel Music Systems UK Dealer of The Year 2015 and 2016 (our Rost and HD30 at the Show)
      Musicraft (Derby) is Hegel Music Systems UK Dealer of The Year 2015 and 2016
      Musicraft (Derby) is Hegel Music Systems UK Dealer of The Year 2015 and 2016 (our H360 at the Show)
      Musicraft (Derby) is Hegel Music Systems UK Dealer of The Year 2015 and 2016 Please contact or visit Musicraft Derby (the UK's leading Hegel Music Systems specialist dealer) to discover why more and more Hi-Fi and home cinema enthusiasts digital and analogue audio systems are benefiting from Hegel Music Systems patented SoundEngine technology. Hegel Music systems Rost (amp/DAC/Streamer/headphone amp) the new VOICE of Hegel Music Systems shown in a range of different colours at the 2017 High End Munich Show 
      ROST (amp/DAC/streamer/headphone amp) the new VOICE of Hegel Music Systems is at Musicraft (Derby)
      ROST (amp/DAC/streamer/headphone amp) the new VOICE of Hegel Music Systems is at Musicraft (Derby) Hegel Music Systems ROST RRP £2200 Röst is the name of one of Norway's most beautiful islands. Way up north in Lofoten. About as far out from the mainland as you can get. The name fits like a glove. Röst can also mean "voice", and the Röst is truly the "voice of Hegel". With the patented SoundEngine amplifier technology, highly advanced preamplifier and delicately designed D/A-converter, the Röst sounds fluidly natural and dynamic. It preserves all the tiny details that create the feeling of being there, and delivers deep, thundering bass when needed. The Röst easily connects to any device you want - a CD-player, a streamer, a computer or perhaps Google Cast Audio? You can connect your iPhone, Macbook or even an AppleTV using AirPlay. Or maybe integrate a Sonos Connect? The choice is yours. Hegel Röst is designed to make everyday devices sound as good as possible, and to make audiophile devices sound even better. We achieve this using proprietary technology developed in-house by Hegel.
      Hegel Music Systems ROST (amp/DAC/Streamer/headphone amp). Presented by Musicraft (Derby). The UK's leading Hegel Music Systems specialist dealer. HEGEL IN A NUTSHELL - Each thing can be found in other amps, but NEVER all three together. This is thanks to our patented SoundEngine technology - 1. Damping factor - is basically a description for bass control. The higher the damping factor, the better the bass control. Modern amplifiers typically have lower bass control than they used to have 20 years ago. The reason is that the tools you use to increase damping factor will also increase distortion (next - 2). Not so in a Hegel amplifier. Industry average: 60-80, A really good amp: 100-150, 20 years ago: +/-150, Hegel: 1000-4000 Meaning: Hegel can boogie 2. Distortion - is a description of the level of extra sound that is generated in the amplifier. Meaning sound that is not part of the recording. Distortion usually makes an amplifier sound either muffled or harsh. It will mask the finer details.  Modern amps usually have fairly low distortion, and obtain this by sacrificing bass-control (previous - 1).  Hegel have among the lowest distortion on the market, and it has it in combination with extremely high bass control.  Meaning - it will sound incredibly dynamic, detailed AND smooth.  3. Power consumption - The third benefit of the Sound Engine technology is low power consumption in idle.  We are actually using up to 60% less power. Preventing the  amplifier of running too hot, and it is good for the environment. The technical term is low bias. Soundstage reviews Hegel Music Systems new ROST (amp/DAC/streamer/headphone amp) - the new VOICE of Hegel Music Systems  "A good example of the dialectic in action, Hegel Music Systems’ Röst is also a versatile, forward-thinking hi-fi component -- I can’t think of another integrated amplifier with connectivity options that address not only the needs of audiophiles, but also those of the custom-installation market. It looks interesting, it sounds great, and it has AirPlay -- to hear uncompressed music, you need only whip out your iPhone. It would be cool to add Pong to that list of capabilities, but as it stands, I’m satisfied with what the Röst already can do." The Ear reviews Hegel Music Systems new ROST (amp/DAC/streamer/headphone amp) - the new VOICE of Hegel Music Systems "After just a few moments of listening I had that joyous feeling that here was a competent product, one that enticed me to listen not just for the review purposes but for pleasure. So much so that my intended hour’s listening session turned into a four-hour marathon as I was tempted to discover more of my long-forgotten recordings. That’s probably as much praise as I can give any piece of equipment in all honesty, but to some detail…" Torque
      "Switching genre to the re-mastering of Supertramp’s Live in Paris was no less magical. An enormously wide soundstage ensued with a real boogie-factor from a full but never over-blown bass. This is almost certainly attributable to Hegel’s desire for an incredibly high damping-factor; once the be-all of amplifier design it went out of fashion but ensures the electronics have a real grip on the transducers from its impedance and not simply from power. A useful analogy I’ve heard quoted is the difference between torque and horse-power in combustion engines for creating a record-beating 0-60 figure." "Winding up the wick to discover that the Hegel will entice the relatively inefficient Harbeth monitors into producing some serious SPLs to fill the room with sound, it’s time to tackle my large Apple music repository. I blast the neighbours by streaming some classics including Genesis, Phil Collins, Queen, The Police and Yello.  Wow – not only is it just so easy to use an iPhone or iPad to negotiate the Röst’s controls, be it to change track or volume control, but this is a wholly effortless way to enjoy music. The resultant multi-layered soundstage had not only incredible width but amazing depth. Imaging was among the best I have heard at any price-point, and clearly a class-leader, creating a wholly lifelike performance. People like to hear comment about the speed of a system, well … the Röst is clearly no slouch: swift and punchy are the watchwords here." "The natural warm-sounding Harbeths seem to really enjoy the partnership whereas some amplifiers seem to provide bass that is overblown and intensely warm. Here, I would suggest, is a really good combo for those seeking reproduction that’s as accurate as possible. I have heard systems played at shows costing ten-times, no a hundred-times the price of the Röst which were not only less pleasing on the ear, but less able to create a meaningful and realistic presentation (steady on! –Ed)." "The surprising thing is that this is seen as an entry-level product in the Hegel line-up when I would herald it as something of a digital breakthrough. Used every day as my main listening amplification for nearly a month, it seems incredible value for money and a cinch to use. The degree of sonic transparency is to be congratulated while it has the ability to completely involve the listener in the performance. Bass-lines are tight and punchy, the midrange natural and combined with a sweet treble of extreme finesse. It’s almost as if much-more expensive electronics are in use, such is the level of competence it delivers. The name Röst appears to translate most accurately as ‘praised’: there’s no better word to describe it, other than perhaps high-praise.  Here is a package from the Norwegians encapsulating modern design, up-to-date functionality and competent electronics." Hi-Fi Plus magazine (Issue 144 - Alan Sircom) reviews Hegel Music Systems new ROST (amp/DAC/streamer/headphone amp) - the new VOICE of Hegel Music Systems  "I confess I was struggling to find a way of describing Hegel’s Röst without using the ‘audio Swiss Army Knife’ phrase already well in circulation. Jet lag helped and I found the answer at about 4am as I jolted awake in a hotel room in Las Vegas: MacGyver! And I apologise profusely to the people in the adjacent room for shouting ‘MacGyver!’ out loud at 4am (I think they might have thought it was my safe word). But, the Hegel Röst fits that ‘MacGyver’ concept well, although fortunately it’s mercifully free from the late-1980s fashion sense of the original. It really is a ‘do anything’ kind of amplifier that – armed with little more than the tools it comes with out of the box – can work easily with absolutely any music source, and integrates with surprisingly sophisticated home network or home automation systems with equally surprising ease. If you think audio deserves to break free of the Man Cave, or even if you don’t and simply want a damn good amplifier with network benefits, the Hegel Röst is highly recommended."
      Stereophile magazine - Hegel Music Systems new ROST (amp/DAC/streamer/headphone amp) - the new VOICE of Hegel Music Systems at the 2017 CES show
      Hi-Fi Knights reviews Hegel Music Systems new ROST (amp/DAC/streamer/headphone amp) - the new VOICE of Hegel Music Systems
      Hi-Fi Choice reviews Hegel Music Systems new ROST (amp/DAC/streamer/headphone amp) - the new VOICE of Hegel Music Systems "It’s easy to see how many prospective customers will delight in plumbing the Röst with a network connection and a couple of other discrete sources to create a modern hi-fi setup that looks very elegant and understated but sounds extremely accomplished. The Röst looks and sounds great and is a joy to use."
      The Absolute Sound - Hegel Music Systems new ROST (amp/DAC/Streamer/headphone amp) is one of the five most significant electronics components at the 2016 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest
      ROST (amp/DAC/streamer/headphone amp) the new VOICE of Hegel Music Systems is at Musicraft (Derby)
      ROST (amp/DAC/streamer/headphone amp) the new VOICE of Hegel Music Systems is at Musicraft (Derby)
      ROST (amp/DAC/streamer/headphone amp) the new VOICE of Hegel Music Systems is at Musicraft (Derby)
      ROST (amp/DAC/streamer/headphone amp) the new VOICE of Hegel Music Systems is at Musicraft (Derby)
      ROST (amp/DAC/streamer/headphone amp) the new VOICE of Hegel Music Systems is at Musicraft (Derby)
      ROST (amp/DAC/streamer/headphone amp) the new VOICE of Hegel Music Systems is at Musicraft (Derby)
      ROST (amp/DAC/streamer/headphone amp) the new VOICE of Hegel Music Systems is at Musicraft (Derby) The Röst is available in a smooth, white, painted, aluminium and steel chassis. Even the knobs are made of solid aluminium, and have the same comfortable touch. Together with the white, slightly dimmed OLED display, this is a unit you would easily have visible in the home. Ready to be used with your speakers or headphones. The Röst comes with a remote control, made from a solid block of aluminium, but is also IP-controllable and may be integrated in most smart-home solutions. If you have experience in writing code, you can get access to the IP-control table and write your own control systems. Note that we do not offer support on that. Hegel Music Systems ROST Technical Details - • Power output: 2 x 75 W into 8 Ohms
      • Minimum load: 2 Ohms
      • Analogue inputs: 1 x balanced (XLR), 2 x unbalanced (RCA)
      • Digital inputs: 1 x coaxial S/PDIF, 3 x optical S/PDIF, 1 x USB, 1 x Network
      • Line level output: 1 x unbalanced variable (RCA)
      • Frequency response: 5 Hz - 100 kHz
      • Signal-to-noise ratio: More than 100 dB
      • Crosstalk: Less than -100 dB
      • Distortion: Less than 0.01% @ 50 W 8 Ohms 1kHz
      • Intermodulation: Less than 0.01% (19 kHz + 20 kHz)
      • Damping factor: More than 2000 (main power output stage)
      • Dimensions: 8cm (10cm w/feet) x 43cm x 31cm (HxWxD)
      • Weight: 12kg shipment weightDimensions US: 3.15" (3.93" w/feet) x 16.93" x 12.20" (HxWxD)
      • Weight US: 26.46lbs shipment weight
      Hegel Music Systems SoundEngine Technology
      Hegel SoundEngine Technology video with Founder and technical director of Hegel, Bent Holter
      ***** Musicraft - Clearance + Special Offers List ***** ***** *****
      ***** Musicraft website - Special Offers list *****
      Thanks Rick @ Musicraft
    • Bump and price reduction. Somebody save me from having to relist in the mega store
    • As to amplifiers, the 104.2s present one of the kindest loads to amplifiers as being a purely resistive 4 ohms. Consequently, they're very suitable for valves, and pretty much whatever SS amplifier you like. In the mid '80s, a lot went with QUAD 405-2s, which they matched well.  One customer I had used the original Musical Fidelity A1, and although it shouldn't have worked at all, it did pretty well, if limited in maximum output. We never found an amplifier they wouldn't go well with. S.
    • Thanks Serge, über-informative as ever. Good man.
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