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    Bring, Buy, Sell & Swap all your bits 'n' bobs at the Scalford show.
    Amps, Speakers, Valves, Turntables, Cables, Arms and much much more....


  1. HiFi - 2 Channel

    1. 2 Channel Debate

      For the 2 Channel purist. Which separates are best, how do I wire them together and with what?

    2. Home Cinema & Multi Channel Systems

      The AV debate. 5.1 or 7.1. Does virtual surround sound work and do I buy Plasma or LCD?

    3. Owners Club

      For the discussion of certain brands or particular items of kit by their owners and interested parties.

    4. Computer based HiFi

      PC based systems, MP3 players and Streaming systems.

    5. Ebay Links

      Post links to items for sale on Ebay here.

    6. Spirit of the Wam - it's what makes HiFiWigwam special

      This area of the forum is for our members help each other out.

    7. DIY HIFI

      Have you got solder burns on your carpet? This could be the place for you!

    8. New Product Reviews

      The latest and best product reviews written by top HIFI journalists and our own experienced members. Our new product testing facility will be opened in 2017 - if you want to really get the inside track, its all here.

  2. Classifieds - Please register as Super Wammer Plus to post adverts

    1. Private Member Classifieds

      Popular forum for our dedicated super wammer plus members to buy and sell their private HiFi and other related products. 

    2. Dealer Member Classifieds

      Classified section for our valued dealers to post all their great equipment.

    3. Classifieds Archive

      Expired Classified Adverts. Browse old ads to research prices, model information etc.

  3. HIFI Brands & Retailers

    1. Dealer Advice

      A forum where trade members and dealers can discuss and share information. This area is open for all members of the forum to access as and when they choose to.

    2. HiFi News and Product Reviews

      All the latest news in the wonderful world of HIFI plus our new product reviews written by both professional experts and our very own experienced members.

  4. Music

    1. Live Music

      A forum dedicated to Live music. It could be a live recording or a Gig you saw. Maybe arrange to meet fellow wammers at Gigs.

    2. Recorded Music

      Wammer's Album Club. What are you listening to? The wonderful world of music and discussions about everything we listen to.

    3. Classical Music Mastery

      A forum dedicated to the wonders of classical music. Reviews, discussions and concert dates of the most celebrated and talented classical artists.

    4. Let There Be Jazz

      A forum dedicated to the wonderful world of Jazz. Classic, Blues, Funk, Big Band. Tell us your stories, which artists you love and list your all time favourites.

  5. The Hifi Show and Local Bake-Offs

    1. The Scalford HiFi Show 2017

      18th and 19th March 2017

    2. HiFi Wigwam Bake Offs

      Reach out to new members by organising your very own house bake-off, great fun, great friends and brilliant set ups, systems and music.

    3. A Look Back At Scalford

      Photos, threads and discussions from all the past Scalford shows.

  6. The Wigwam Arms

    1. Our Public Bar

      Pop into your local for a pint of real ale and glass of vino. Lively banter with mates and great tunes on the jukebox. Remember to take the dirty stuff into the Car Park.

  7. Other Wigwam Forums

    1. Photography

      Photo competitions, camera and kit chat. And of course a place to post up your favourite images.

    2. Sports

      All discussions and banter about Sport - come and join in to discuss your favourite sport!!

    3. Cars, Bikes & In-Car Entertainment

      The latest and greatest. What you got and why?

    4. 151
    5. Books, TV & Films

      Talk about what you are reading and what you are watching.

  8. Forum Support

    1. 78
    2. 95

  • Latest Posts

    • For sale, a fantastic pair of Helicon 800's in piano cherry. They are in superb condition throughout. Grilles are perfect and the bi-wire links are installed. Rare speakers in even rarer condition. Any demo welcome and I can possibly help with transport if needed (by arrangement) to keep them fresh. No boxes so it's strictly no 3rd party couriers for these. The phone pictures don't do them justice. The cabinet finish is superb. £2200
    • 76 I was 6 and listening to my mum's Pye Black Box with a penny or 2 on the headshell. I expect if I heard it today it would sound crap. But the memories are good ones.
    • Cheers for the post Alan, points noted. The knowledge is creeping between my ears at Glacial speed!
    • Worth checking the dates on this one chaps. It's a 6+ year resurrection.  Koss made some too Realistic Minimus 7&11 John Bowers and Metrosound (that could also be Jim Rogers) 
    • I remember the summer heat in '76 more than anything else. Drought, hosepipe ban and standpipes for water. Bliss!
    • Hi All, I think there is some confusion here. Times 1 is  the benchmark time to write 150K Bytes of data to the disk. With improvements of CD Speed control, Laser Power and Sensitivity to light it possible to push the speed up to x52  etc. .Due to the age of the HHB recorders (which are very good) just basically buy CD-R's at the lowest speed (1 to 16) and dont pay a premium for high speed disks as the transport will not be able to make use of the faster CD-R.The writing software in the CD recorder sets the speed to a fixed value. (x1, X2 etc) I do agree that pro-recorders can use standard computer disks, where as consumer machines require "Audio" which are formatted to designate they are audio, and in some countries carry extra tax for copyright reasons. And yes you must run the finalize routine  if you want to play the disks on a non-cd recorder. Some CD players struggle with CD-R as the light coming back from the disk, is less than a pre-recorded CD.Sometimes a laser clean/replace  and/or re-alignment can help. Alan
    • Your speakers look awesome David, extremely professional! Thank you for sharing although the embedded images aren't working for me. The DIY examples collection is brilliant too!!!!  It's a shame pinterest only let you see a section of the images if you don't have an account.
    • It is another compromise as I do love revealing speakers.  I really thought a flat response at 1m was going to sound overly bright but it didn't, it sounded a touch bright in my room.  I can't imagine that I'm gong to make many major improvements here given the length of time that my recent listening sessions have gone on for.  I am desperate to get working on phase adjustments though. I can't wait to hear all the drivers properly aligned. I'm a big believer in the benefits of correct alignment and speaker positioning although my recent toe-in change is producing bass imaging that I've simply never experienced before.  In all the systems I've heard before (even stereo subs and large speakers) I've never been able to pin point where the bass is coming from.  The best I've heard is when you can close your eyes and point in the rough direction where the bass is coming from, I assumed this was probably just from ques given by the higher frequencies.  These are now producing what I'd consider pretty accurate stereo bass imaging. On top of that; it would be pointless doing things like timing the drivers down to fractions of a millisecond if I were just going to plonk the speakers down somewhere that just sounds ok.
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