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    • Ex-council builds can be very good. The property we moved from was ex-council, but the build quality was very good. The interior fittings needed work, but the basic construction was good and given the use of cavit walling in exterior walls and party walling, coupled with concrete floors, sound transmission was greatly reduced in comparison to the 1930s house we now have. To be honest, I've never liked 1930s semis, but we had to move. Still, there is scope for changing the property internallyand some careful planning should allow the hifi to be re-introduced.
    • If only funds allowed...... I'm afraid that living in greater London/the south east makes it impossible for people like my wife and I (middle class professionals on middle incomes) to buy a house with large enough rooms for hifi. The flat  we moved from had less floor space than we now have, but it had an 18x12 ft lounge, which is voluminous compared to our new house, and that's before the better construction (with regard to sound transmission) are taken into account. Nonetheless, we had to move and I'm afraid it was time to consign the hifi to storage for the time being. We will probably put the new house on the market in the next year if the market permits and move to a smaller property with fewer, but larger rooms. 
    • Yes me too, would love to hear the new SM100. I've heard the 2.5s a few times but never the original iconic Studio 100's, heard many a story of people being astonished by their sound though.
    • As you say, ProAc have had lots of very good designs over the years. I just know that the 2.5 is very well regarded. At some stage I would like to have a listen to the newly released Studio SM100. There is a very interesting write up on them over at the Deco Audio web site. They have been big fans of the Studio 100 for a number of years now.
    • I'm seriously considering the Pre Box RS on the strength of this thread and my experience with other 6922 circuits. however gain is going to be critical in my setup. Can anyone say if using the XLR-RCA connector results in 18dB gain (as quoted for the XLR out) or the 12dB quoted for the RCA outs?
    • Everyone is going to have their favourites Mark thats always going to be the case with anything. I've read the 2.5s were one of the best designs capable of embarrassing silly money speakers just with their sheer musicality and overall sound. But they've had a lot of good designs. The 1SC are slowly becoming legendary, and also the reference 8 signatures are some of the designs they'll go down in hi-fi history for. And not sure if this is a myth or not but supposedly the response 1.5 was their best ever selling model, whether thats 100% true or not I dont know. I did ask a few of the ProAc guys in the Bristol hi-fi show this year and all they said was, "we did do really well with that one".
    • Thanks Eddie. Gary, those poor photos could work in your favour. They will not maximise his sales potential. I have never heard the 2.5's myself but I have heard it said by a few people that they are the best ProAc design ever. I believe it is the ProAc design which is most cloned. If you could get them for close to the starting price you will be onto a winner.
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