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      Show Is Go - March 0th 2016 Scalford Hall Hotel, Melton Mowbray. Oh yeah!

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    • I want to buy some books. What an amazing topic. Thanks for sharing In your free time, you can read Animal Jokes Funny I want to give you a Quote For The Day: "Mountaintops inspire leaders but valleys mature them."
      I hope this Good Inspirational Quotes will help you feel better..
    • Thanks for sharing What an amazing new! 
    • Of Love Undone beautifully sung by Lisa Gerrard.  Lisa Gerrard at her best. Thanks Rick @ Musicraft
    • Clearance/Special Offers list PRICE UPDATE -Monitor Audio Platinum PLC150 centre speaker (demo/display model) in Ebony finish RRP £1899_____Was £875_____Now £850
      Btw, Naim NAP 200 power amplifier (demo/display unit) in Black finish RRP £1924_____Was £1135_____Now £1075 Chord Electronics QBD76 DAC (demo/display unit) in Brilliant Silver finish RRP £4140_____Now £2500 ***** Please call before travelling *****
      ***** Musicraft website - Special Offers list *****
      ***** *****
      Thanks Rick @ Musicraft
    • 3FM DJ Paul Rabbering chooses ATC SCM45A Professional monitors “The main reason I choose ATC was the details these monitors reveal really have an impact on me. It’s listening 2.0. The first time I heard these monitors in my own studio, they brought tears to my eyes. The pureness of the SCM45A, combined with its punch is something I have never experienced before.”
      ATC SCM45A Professional monitors  (ATC Corporate brochure)
      ATC Professional. Reference monitoring. Naturally. Most people know Paul Rabbering as a DJ, presenting a two hour daily show on the Dutch national radio station, 3FM. He’s also a well-known voice-over artist on Dutch television.  If that doesn’t ring a bell, alongside two other DJ’s, Paul presented Serious Request 2015, a 6 day live radio show from a Glass House in the centre of the city Heerlen, raising over 7 million Euro to help children in war zones. But this versatile media man has yet another, lesser known quality. Paul owns a private studio where he transforms his creative ideas into concrete music productions.  Some weeks ago when Paul visited the Dutch ATC distributor Helios, he got infected with the, “ATC Bug”. Fortunately there is a cure for this illness. After the purchase of a pair of SCM45A Pro’, the fever vanished like snow in the sun! “I’m very happy with the service of Helios. Ulmt was extremely patient and gave me the opportunity to listen to various songs on many different monitor brands and models before making a decision. The SCM45A took away the last bit of doubt I might have had. I will never forget the moment when we played Deadmau5 – some chords at a rather hefty volume, the transparency, deep bass, speed, that big sound. I was totally convinced. It feels good having nothing left to desire.” Paul Rabbering, July 2016
      ATC SCM45A Professional monitors
      ATC Super SH25-76S HF unit used in SCM45A Professional monitors Building on the success of its hand-built standard tweeter, ATC has developed and manufactured an ENHANCED ‘S-SPEC’ VERSION for its flagship models. After considerable development time the “S-SPEC’ tweeter completes the rollout of proprietary drivers across every ATC loudspeaker system. Six years in the making, the new SH25-76S design is a significant technical advance for ATC and a proud achievement for Managing Director Billy Woodman and R&D Manager Richard Newman. The Woodman/Newman collaboration has ensured that both the standard SH25-76 (as fitted to the Company’s curved SCM7/11/19/40/40A models) and ‘S-Spec’ SH25-76S tweeters exceed the exceptionally high levels of performance and consistency expected of an ATC driver.
      ATC Super SH25-76S HF unit used in SCM45A Professional monitors The advent of the SH25-76S means that for the first time in a distinguished forty-year history, every ATC speaker system is able to benefit from complete ATC driver configurations, wholly designed and hand-built at the company’s UK development and production facility at Stroud, Gloucestershire. Now introduced on the Tower Series (SCM20/50/100/150), Anniversary Series (SCM50/100/150) and Classic Series (SCM20/50/100/150), the SH25-76S is ATC’s premium 25mm soft dome tweeter, developed with a no-compromise engineering approach in order to complement the renowned SM75-150S Super Soft Dome mid-range driver.
      ATC Super SH25-76S Soft Dome Tweeter used in SCM45A Professional monitors  
      ATC Super SH25-76S Soft Dome Tweeter used in SCM45A Professional monitors  
      ATC Super SH25-76S HF unit & ATC SM75-150S Super Soft Dome mid range drive unit
      ATC SM75-150S Super Soft Dome mid range drive unit In common with the standard SH25-76 (but unlike almost any other 25mm tweeter on the market) the SH25-76S is a dual suspension design, employing both an upper and lower suspension. The key benefits are: • Suppression of enharmonic diaphragm/coil ‘rocking’ modes • Assured pistonic motion • A very narrow magnetic gap for unparalleled linearity and low distortion throughout its wide operating band Further Key Design Features are as follows: Improved Off-Axis Response: the complex geometry of the tweeter’s soft dome diaphragm and precision-machined, low-resonance alloy waveguide produces a smooth on-axis and improved off-axis response, which now extends beyond ATC ‘s previous benchmark of 22kHz to reach 25kHz (-6dB). Stronger Magnetic Field: a massive neodymium motor complete with heat-treated top plate is FEA optimised to provide 20,000 Gauss (2.0 Tesla) in the magnetic gap (up from 15,000 Gauss in the standard SH25-76 unit). Higher Sensitivity: higher sensitivity of 91.5 (±0.5 dB/W @1m) is achieved for the SH25-76S, despite the use of robust, well-damped mechanical structures. Higher Power Handling, Lower Power Compression: shared by both standard and ‘S-Spec’ tweeter models, the short coil/long gap motor design and narrow magnetic gap perform the secondary function of dissipating heat away from the coil, ensuring high power handling and low power compression while liberating the structure from a reliance on ferro-fluid, which can dry out over time, compromising performance. Commenting, R&D Manager, Richard Newman said, “We feel the new tweeter lifts the capability of our systems to new levels and reinforces our belief that exceptional system performance can only be achieved through exceptional transducer performance”.
      ATC SM75-150 soft dome mid range drive unit used in SCM45A Professional monitors
      ATC SB50-164(SC) bass driver used in SCM45A Professional monitors
      ATC SCM100ASL Professional Monitors used here at Musicraft (Derby)
      ATC SCM100ASL Professional Monitors used here at Musicraft (Derby)
      ***** Musicraft - Clearance + Special Offers List ***** ***** *****
      ***** Musicraft website - Special Offers list *****
      Thanks Rick @ Musicraft
    • Sony FM/MW/LW tuner.
      In good working order.
      Couple of scratches on top cover that don't affect performance.
      No aerials included. £20 + postage.
    • Selling my DAB digital tuner.
      AVI S21 lab series made in England.
      Really good condition, but no remote control or aerial.
      Check internet for full details and reviews.
      Offers around £280 considered.
      Would prefer collection due to weight / value , but would package carefully if postage required.( Postage extra).
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