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    • Hi Stefan, I have come across what you’ve explained above (but will never remember all the terminology), these topics lead me to read up on the Huygens Fresnel Principle (and giving up quite quickly).  I never expected as much as +-3db from the baffle edge or lip of the drivers.  I also understood the level of the effect relates to the wavelength and driver position, I tried to minimise some of this in the updated design. Considering the position of the illuminator & tweeter relative to the baffles as a whole, the baffle shape, the fact I am planning on recessing the tweeter and rounding off the edges of the baffles; I am happy to proceed without flush mounting the other drivers for now but it is still possible to cut out recesses for the drivers with the waterjet (I asked this question). As I’m not a speaker designer, a large part of my strategy is to test and measure...  I had planned on trying to measure everything, including these effects in a few practical tests consisting of temporarily adding a board (foamex or similar) that reproduces a flush mounted finish.  Another option I had considered was adding a chamfered ring around the outside of the drivers.  I would like to mock-up and measure the three situations below in order to decide upon what I need to do for the best results.   I also realise if diffraction is more of an issue than I expected then I will also need to address the gaps between the baffles.  Common sense also plays a part when you consider there are so many box speakers in the world (with square edge cabinets).  I assumed if the effects of a square edge baffle or cabinet (or even the driver when not flush mounted) were that dramatic then all we would see are flush mounted drivers with rounded off edges on the cabinet/baffles (but that isn’t the case).  I'm going to learn a lot by testing. Thank you for all the info, you are a star!  I am more than happy to donate some of my time if you need any help getting your web-site together.  This is part of my day job!
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    • Ruby Baby (Donald Fagen) Thanks Rick @ Musicraft
    • Clearance/Special Offers list PRICE UPDATE - Monitor Audio Platinum PLC350 centre speaker (demo/display model - speaker only) in Piano Black Lacquer RRP £2750_____Was £1049_____Now £1000
      Btw, Naim NAP 200 power amplifier (demo/display unit) in Black finish RRP £1924_____Was £1135_____Now £1075 Chord Electronics QBD76 DAC (demo/display unit) in Brilliant Silver finish RRP £4140_____Now £2500 ***** Please call before travelling *****
      ***** Musicraft website - Special Offers list *****
      ***** *****
      Thanks Rick @ Musicraft
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