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    • We Can Fly (Rue Du Soleil) Thanks Rick @ Musicraft
    • Clearance/Special Offers list PRICE UPDATE - Monitor Audio BX5 speakers (demo/display pair) in Oak finish RRP £500_____Were £179_____Now £169
      Btw, Naim NAP 200 power amplifier (demo/display unit) in Black finish RRP £1924_____Was £1135_____Now £1075 Chord Electronics QBD76 DAC (demo/display unit) in Brilliant Silver finish RRP £4140_____Now £2500 ***** Please call before travelling *****
      ***** Musicraft website - Special Offers list *****
      ***** *****
      Thanks Rick @ Musicraft
    • Musicraft is pleased to announce that on February 8th 2016 we received Hegel Music Systems UK Dealer of The Year 2015 Award which we proudly accepted on behalf of our clients. We and Hegel Music Systems thank our clients for helping establish and achieving great success with Hegel Music Systems in the UK.
      Musicraft is Hegel Music Systems UK Dealer of The Year 2015 Please contact or visit Musicraft Derby (the UK's leading Hegel Music Systems specialist dealer) to discover why more and more Hi-Fi and home cinema enthusiasts digital and analogue audio systems are benefiting from Hegel Music Systems patented SoundEngine technology. Enjoy The Music reviews Hegel Music Systems HD30 DAC/Streamer/Pre Amp "A truly exceptional DAC!" "Bass is wonderfully articulate, even down into the lowest reaches. When the source is up to it, like with "She's Already Made Up Her Mind," from Lyle Lovett's superb Joshua Judges Ruth (Curb), or the 2nd movement of Saint-Saëns 3rd Symphony (Reference Recordings), assuming your other electronics and speakers are up to the challenge of subsonic reproduction, the room pressurizes, with both a clear sense of speed and pitch solidity that is so accurate that you will be startled.I'm simply not used to hearing bass rendered this faithfully, effusively, or completely from a DAC, let alone one in this price range. It plays this portion of the audio spectrum accurately enough that it has the ability to trigger the "Fight or Flight" reptilian response. Because my analog system can create this sensation readily, I know it when I "feel" it. And feel it you do with the HD30!" "It delivers an exciting and engaging sense of midrange bloom and body that is more shockingly reminiscent of really great analog than I had expected. This was very welcomed, as it created an incredibly realistic sense of physical size, location, and "space" as good as, or slightly better, than most any DAC I can recall hearing for nearly twice its asking price" "This new Hegel further treated me to the most remarkable degree of extension, detail, and resolve in the uppermost octaves. Yet as rife with detail and sparkle as it is, this topmost frequency range is portrayed in an undisputedly relaxed fashion that is extremely captivating, again surprisingly reminiscent of a good analog playback system." "But resolve is something at which the HD30 excels, and seemingly so effortlessly; in fact, at levels well above what I would expect in its price class. Honestly, based on its sonic performance alone, I would have put its price at $8000, or even $10,000! It is such an astonishing sonic over-achiever that I don't see this DAC leaving my system any time soon." "The new HD30 flagship DAC from Hegel of Norway is one exceptional device. After living with it in place for some extended time, I find myself in full concurrence with Hegel founder Bent Holter's statements as to the significance of this product release in the Hegel constellation of devices. Its combination of exquisitely rendered tone (from subterranean depths to stratospheric reaches), complex and exacting texture, dynamic expressiveness (micro and especially macro!), relaxed, natural yet detailed, vivid, and comprehensive presentation, class-exceeding resolution, and spacious, focused staging and imaging, make it an over-achieving super star. All I can say is that you should not buy a DAC, not even at twice the Hegel HD30's asking price, without auditioning it first! It's your money, and you've been warned!" "If you are a die-hard analog hound like me, or have just eschewed using a digital playback system for whatever reason (as I did until about three years ago), this may be the perfect time, and most affordable device, to get you into remarkably satisfying, enjoyable digital playback. The Hegel HD30 has changed how I look at (and listen to) DACs under $8000. I can't imagine you could find anything to quibble with at its price... You will be one satisfied music lover."
      Hegel Music Systems HD30 DAC/Streamer/Pre Amp in Silver finish  Btw, ROST (amp/DAC/streamer) the new VOICE of Hegel Music Systems is coming soon to Musicraft
      Hegel Music Systems HD30 DAC/Streamer/Pre Amp. Presented by Musicraft. The UK's leading Hegel Music Systems specialist dealer HEGEL IN A NUTSHELL - Each thing can be found in other amps, but NEVER all three together. This is thanks to our patented SoundEngine technology - 1. Damping factor - is basically a description for bass control. The higher the damping factor, the better the bass control. Modern amplifiers typically have lower bass control than they used to have 20 years ago. The reason is that the tools you use to increase damping factor will also increase distortion (next - 2). Not so in a Hegel amplifier. Industry average: 60-80, A really good amp: 100-150, 20 years ago: +/-150, Hegel: 1000-4000 Meaning: Hegel can boogie 2. Distortion - is a description of the level of extra sound that is generated in the amplifier. Meaning sound that is not part of the recording. Distortion usually makes an amplifier sound either muffled or harsh. It will mask the finer details.  Modern amps usually have fairly low distortion, and obtain this by sacrificing bass-control (previous - 1).  Hegel have among the lowest distortion on the market, and it has it in combination with extremely high bass control.  Meaning - it will sound incredibly dynamic, detailed AND smooth.  3. Power consumption - The third benefit of the Sound Engine technology is low power consumption in idle.  We are actually using up to 60% less power. Preventing the  amplifier of running too hot, and it is good for the environment. The technical term is low bias.
      A Meme for Hegel Music Systems HD30 DAC/Streamer/Pre amp
      Computer Audiophile reviews Hegel Music Systems HD30 DAC/Streamer/Pre Amp "The Hegel Music Systems HD30 DAC is highly recommended for those who'd like to remove the barriers between good and great sound"
      SoundStage Hi-Fi Recommended Reference Component: Hegel Music Systems HD30 DAC/Streamer/Pre Amp
      SoundStage Hi-Fi Products of the Year 2015 - DIGITAL SOURCE is Hegel Music Systems HD30 DAC/Streamer/Pre Amp
      SoundStage Hi-Fi reviews Hegel Music Systems HD30 DAC/Streamer/Pre Amp "The HD30’s big selling point is its sound -- and what a sound it is: Its world-class resolution, extreme clarity, and superb refinement let you listen very deeply into recordings, to hear precisely what the musicians and engineers laid down there" "To my ears, the HD30 is one of the best-sounding DACs you can buy today"
      Hi-Fi News reviews Hegel Music Systems HD30 DAC/Streamer/Pre Amp
      High Fidelity (Poland) Best Product of 2015 is Hegel Music Systems HD30 DAC/Streamer/Pre Amp
      Stereolife reviews Hegel Music Systems HD30 DAC/Streamer/Pre Amp
      RAVE Publications at CEDIA 2015 YouTube video showing Hegel Music Systems HD30 DAC/Streamer/Pre Amp
      Hegel Music Systems HD30 DAC/Streamer/Pre Amp in Black finish 
      Hegel Music Systems HD30 DAC/Streamer/Pre Amp in Silver finish 
      Hegel Music Systems HD30 DAC/Streamer/Pre Amp in Silver finish 
      Rear panel of Hegel HD30 DAC/Sreamer/Pre Amp in Silver finish  The HD30 is the ultimate digital control center. It does everything you can dream of, and does so with world-class quality. There is an abundance of inputs, ranging from balanced AES/EBU and BNC connectors, to Network and USB connections - with the latter also accepting DSD signals. The built-in volume attenuator allows you to connect directly to a power amplifier or a pair of active loudspeakers. Highly advanced power supplies and careful lay-out brings the noise floor down towards a mind blowing -150dB. In short... Do you even dare to try it? When designing a digital-to-analog converter of world class, you are essentially making a masterpiece. One for others to try and copy. It is not enough to select the best components on the market and lay them out cleverly. When creating a masterpiece, you must question if you can make it better than the best. The HD30 was just such a masterpiece project. To reach goals that, up until now, was seen as unobtainable, we needed to tweak the world’s best measuring equipment available. Just to be able to fine-tune our clock crystals and power supplies. We designed master clocks from the ground up and went to great lengths to design ultra low noise power supplies and shielding from outside interference. The results are stunning. The musicality of the HD30 is at a level never before heard. You can experience instruments and virtually feel the room they play in. You feel the smile widening in your face and the hair rising on your arms when the HD30 begins to play. The finger touching the string, a millisecond before the guitar starts to sound. The singer drawing that breath of anticipation right before he starts playing in front of a live crowd. Whether you choose to use Apple AirPlay, a CD-player, a computer or any other device. The HD30 will bring all the music and enthusiasm that exists in the recording. HD30 Technical Details • DAC resolution: Dual mono 32 bit/192 kHz multilevel sigma-delta DAC
      • Line output: 2.6 VRMS
      • Digital inputs: 1 coaxial, 3 optical, 1 USB, 1 ethernet, 1 BNC, 1 AES/EBU
      • Analogue outputs: 1 fixed line level (RCA), 1 fixed line level (Balanced XLR)
      • Distortion: Typical 0.0005%
      • Frequency response: 0 Hz - 50 kHz
      • Noise floor: Typically -150 dB
      • Power supply: Separate torodial transformers for analog/digital 54,000 uF capacitors
      • Output impedance: 22 ohms unbalanced and 44 ohms balanced
      • Control input: 1 IR-direct mini-jack
      • Dimensions/weight: 8cm (10cm w/feet) x 43cm x 31cm (HxWxD), 6,5 Kg
      • Dimensions/weight US: 3.14" (3.93" w/feet) x 16.93" x 12.20" (HxBxD), weight 14.3lbs HD30 RRP £3200 Hegel SoundEngine Technology
      Hegel SoundEngine Technology video with Founder and technical director of Hegel, Bent Holter
      ***** Musicraft - Clearance/Special Offers list ***** ***** *****
      ***** Musicraft website - Special Offers list *****
      Thanks Rick @ Musicraft
    • I've got a Croft RIAA, had Glenn add another input and switch for £70. Plenty of space for 3 or more inputs should you wish.
    • However much I would wish it (and I really do), I don't think the XT2 is going to be a D500 beater yet.
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