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    • Black oil wash applied then  maybe 75% cotton bud'd off, leaving it looking suitably "used" I think. The rads' got a light grey oil wash too, which was also lightly rubbed off... ooer missus. This was my first time using oil paints to weather anything and I must say I'm impressed how easy and effective it is. Tiny dob of oil paint, splash of turps thinner in a little pot, stir then brush on. grab a cotton bud and gently remove it until it looks "right". easy peasy oily squeezy.
    • After some requests, I am finalising a list of available cd's :- Adiemus - Songs of Sanctuary    £1 Bach - Brandenburg Concertos 2cd    £2 Bach - Violin Concertos   £1 Bach - Orchestral Suites and Concertos 2cd   £2 Bax - Violin Sonatas 1 and 3   £1 Beethoven - String Quartets 1 and 12   £1 Beethoven - String Quartets Vol 9   £1 Beethoven - String Quartets Vol 8   £1 Beethoven - String Quartets Vol 7   £1 Boccherini - Cello Concertos Vol 2   £1 Borodin - String Quartets 1 and 2, String Sextet   £1 Brahms - Piano Concerto 1, Schumann - Intro and Allegro   £1 Brahms - Symphony 2, Serenade 2   £1 Brahms - Symphony 4, Hungarian Dances   £1 Brahms - Double Concerto Violin and Cello, Schumann - Cello Concerto   £1 Brahms - Symphony 1 and Overtures   £1 Brahms - Symphony 3 and Haydn Variations   £1 Britten - Violin Concerto, Canadian Carnival, Mont Juic   £1 Bruckner - Symphonies 8 and 0   £1 Bruckner - Symphony 4   £1 Chopin - Piano Concertos 1 and 2   £1 Chopin - Waltzes and Impromptus   £1 Corelli - Concerto Grossi 1-6   £1 Debussy - String Quartet 1, Ravel - String Quartet   £1 Dvorak - Symphonies  3 and 6   £1 Gershwin - Rhapsody in Blue, Piano Concerto, Second Rhapsody, I Got Rhythm  £1 Glass - The Essential 3cd   £3 Glass - Symphonies 2 and 3   £1 Handel - Fireworks and Water Music   £1 Haydn - Violin Concertos   £1 Karl Jenkins - Requiem and In These Stones Horizons Sing   £1 Katherine Jenkins - Sacrid Arias   £1 Katherine Jenkins - Living a Dream   £1 Khachaturian - Concerto Violin and Orch and Concerto- Rhapsody Violin and Orch £1 Mendelssohn - String Quartets 1, 4 and 6   £1 Mozart - String Quartets Vol 2   £1 Mozart - Wind Serenades   £1 Orff - Carmina Burana   £1 Paganini - Violin Concertos 3 and 4   £1 Prokofiev - Peter and the Wolf, Saint Saens - Carnival of the Animals, Britten - Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra   £1 Rachmaninov - Symphony 2 Ravel - Bolero, Ma mere l'oye, Valses nobles et sentiment ales, Daphne et Chloe   £1 Reich - Different Trains, Electric Counterpoint   £1 Revueltas - Sensemaya, La noche de los Mayas, La Coronela   £1 Rieu - Forever Vienna cd and dvd   £2 Saint Saens - Symphony 3, Le Rouet d'Omphale, Bacchanale   £1 Schubert - Arpeggione Sonata, Schumann - Fantasiestucke, Stucke im Volkston, Adagio and Allegro   £1 Schubert - String Quartet, String Trio   £1 Schubert - String Quartets 12 and 14   £1 Sibelius - Symphony 2 and the Tempest No 1   £1 Sibelius - Symphonies 6 and 7 and the Tempest No 2   £1 R.Strauss - Alpine Symphony   £1 Vaughan Williams - Symphony 2 and Wasps Overture   £1 Paul Simon - Graceland   £1 Madonna - Confessions on a Dance Floor   £1 Madonna - Ray of Light   £1 Madonna - Immaculate Collection   £1 Madonna - Greatest Hits Vol 2   £1 That's all folks! Willing to separate. Postage calculated on request.
    • Chord SPA 612 monoblocks.  These could end up being a bargain for someone. Currently £640 for the pair and finishing in 24 hours.  Someone in the US has a pair up for sale at $4,495.00 They are listed in the 'Musical Instruments' section under 'pro audio equipment'.  My guess is that less people browse this section compared to the 'Home Audio & Hi-FI separates' section which could end up with them finishing cheaper. If I hadn't already grabbed an amp for my bass drivers I'd be keeping shtum about these and bidding on them myself.  350W in to 8Ohm would go down a treat. Read the description though, it looks like they'd benefit from a new IEC connector.  Might be of interest to someone.
    • Glad to hear it's all sorted! My latest build was knackered by a failed Dac board now replaced, and now I have a dud 12v buffer board reg and an intermittently shorting ribbon cable......I've never had any issues before with the boards, cables or regs It still sounds great run with the one souped up board/psus going straight to the Cinemags with no buffer in place
    • I want to buy one or more,I'm living in UK,I can collect by cash or pay via Paypal. Please contact me via   Thanks!
    • Definite scam, the account will have been hacked by scammers, seen this quite a few times recently with a mass of hi end audio equipment or photography gear all for circa 1000 a piece irrespective of what it is. The listings will all get pulled in the next day or so, they're just hoping to catch a few people out before this happens.
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